Guan Eng may be held to take heat off Najib

Guan Eng may be held to take heat off Najib

It’s the Prime Minister’s mega scandals that have become the staple of international news and the top daily topic in warongs and coffee shops.

PRESS STATEMENT Malaysia has become a most abnormal country out of sync with both national and international aspirations, trends and developments. The  Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s RM55 billion 1MDB and RM2.6 billion mega scandals have become the top daily conversational topic of 30 million Malaysians in the warongs and coffee shops.

However, MPs cannot ask questions or get answers from Ministers on Najib’s mega scandals.

Instead, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng may be arrested and charged for corruption in connection with his bungalow purchase to deflect growing national and international attention on Najib’s mega scandals.

Despite Herculean efforts to sweep Najib’s mega scandals under the carpet, like virtually banning discussion on them in Parliament, there was instead increasing national and international attention on the scandals. This explains the intense and systematic attack on DAP leaders and in particular on Guan Eng in the past 10 days.

He has been accused of corruption in his RM2.8 million bungalow purchase. There’s a campaign of lies and falsehoods on issues unrelated to Guan Eng’s bungalow purchase.

Nevertheless, it’s Najib’s mega scandals that have become the staple of international news, continued Lim who has been suspended from Parliament as Gelang Patah MP.

For example, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in its 45-minute “Four Corners” documentary, “State of Fear : Murder and Money in Malaysia ”, revisited Najib’s mega scandals on Monday night.

If what the ABC Four Corners documentary claims was not true Najib should sue the ABC to clear his name and that of the country. There should not be a repeat of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) episode which reported on the RM2.6 billion donations deposited into Najib’s accounts in early July last year.”

Najib merely threatened to sue but which never materialized in the past eight months.

Malaysians are entitled to “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” and not snippets of information from a foreign broadcasting documentary.

Briefly, the documentary claimed that Bank Negara was told at least three times about the enormous deposits into Najib’s personal banking accounts and that senior AmBank officials visited the Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz to warn her about his personal accounts way back in Sept 2012. A report, marked ‘highly sensitive’, revealed that almost USD300 million had already flowed into his accounts from several mysterious donors overseas. Zeti merely thanked them for their report and handed it back.”

We want to know whether the ABC documentary was correct that AmBank senior officials had visited the Bank Negara Governor to warn her about the enormous flow of funds into Najib’s personal banking accounts. The ABC documentary noted that the government had said that two of Najib’s bank accounts at AmBank had been closed, but more accounts had been opened since.

Apparently, Four Corners established that three new accounts were opened in the Prime Minister’s name, and “the money just kept on pouring in”. It said that “in June 2014 for example, the bank was notified of another £50 million (RM285 million) that was being wired to the Prime Minister’s name.”

“There were also a series of cash deposits that raised money laundering alerts, here, inside the bank (AmBank)”.

The ABC documentary basically reported on the extraordinary flow of funds into Najib’s personal banking accounts in AmBank between 2011 and 2014.

Among others, USD75 million (RM301 million in today’s exchange rates) purportedly came from a Saudi prince, while another USD80 million (RM321 million) came from the Saudi Arabia ‘s Ministry of Finance.

A further US$120 million (RM482 million) supposedly came from an unnamed British Virgin Islands shell company. All three transactions were reportedly made by June 26, 2012.

The documentary also listed two transactions in March 2013 that supposedly came from another BVI company, totalling USD681 million. This is the often-reported RM2.6 billion political donation.

The total received by Najib, according to the documentary, was USD1.03 billion (RM4.14 billion) by April 10, 2013 – just over a month prior to the 13th General Election.


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