Guan Eng demands cops pull in Ali Tinju

Guan Eng demands cops pull in Ali Tinju Photo credit: FMT

Those supporting Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) should not be allowed to act without any respect for the law.

PRESS STATEMENT We demand that the police avoid taking violent threats, like that issued by Ali Tinju, lightly. They must take immediate action considering the fact that there were reportedly 20 police officers on the scene, outside the DAP Headquarters in Penang, as well as video evidence of the incident.

Failure to do so would show that those supporting Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno can act without any respect for the law.

A police report has been lodged on Friday by DAP staff who had been threatened by the “extremists”. The police should act with the same efficient speed with which they acted against the owner of my house by responding unusually quickly, barely 48 hours after Umno Youth filed a police report, alleging that she made a false statutory declaration (SD).

A group of 20 supporters of the Red Shirt movement, led by Mohd Ali Baharom or Ali Tinju, stormed the DAP Headquarters on Thursday in an attempt to submit a memorandum demanding that DAP “take responsibility for an unrelated Chinese man’s disparaging remarks about Islam”.

Unfortunately, Ali Tinju must have been confused because DAP has nothing to do with the individual concerned, nor do we condone any kind of inflammatory remark, be it racial or religious.

Instead, Ali Tinju should have sent the memorandum to Umno as it is they who are constantly using racial and religious sentiments to foment hatred in order to divert attention away from the corruption and maladministration afflicting the country.

What’s worse, Ali Tinju refused to hand over the memorandum to DAP Selangor committee member and Selayang Municipal Councillor Edry Faisal, on the pretext of his race.

At the same time, the mob became unruly and made threats to burn down the building by saying: “Jangan sampai kita naik! Jangan kasi asap ini bangunan.”

DAP regrets and condemns not only such a brazen threat to the safety and security of staff and property, but also the racial insult imparted on a grassroots leader.

Ali Tinju and unruly mob clearly practices Umno culture by discriminating Malaysians based on race. If so, then they have gone to the wrong political party because they should be going to MCA headquarters if they insist that only a Chinese can accept their memorandum.

Unlike Umno, MCA and MIC, DAP was a multi-racial party and a Malay can be a leader equal to any non-Malay leader.


Lim Guan Eng

DAP Secretary General, Penang Chief Minister


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