GLCs to be barred from making political donations?

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This is another sneaky way of saying the RM2.6b and RM42m from SRC International to Najib was legitimate.
What about the USD3.5b from 1MDB to the bogus Aabar BVI from where USD681m (RM2.6b) entered Najib’s personal account? The RM2.6b was not from Saudi Arabia as claimed.
IPIC has denied Aabar BVI, now closed down, was its subsidiary.
IPIC’s Aabar Abu Dhabi was supposed to receive USD1.1b from IMDB but didn’t.
Najib claimed that he returned USD620m of the USD681m to Saudi Arabia, obviously to avoid Umno claiming it. There’s no proof that he returned the money to Saudi Arabia. Instead, there’s proof that the money was sent by the same money laundering route to Singapore where it might have been frozen pending investigations.
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