Foreign fanatic Zakir Naik among 16 banned preachers

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He should be deported immediately for preaching hate and sowing discord among the people.

PRESS STATEMENT Hindraf Makkal Sakthi, as a human rights NGO, demands that the Government of Malaysia immediately cancel the upcoming programmes of a “deviant foreign preacher” Zakir Naik (Dr), and refuse him entry into Malaysia. The fanatic Zakir Naik is a virus in a pluralistic society. He’s a plague.

Nothing good will come from his presence in the country.

We are disappointed with the government that Zakir Naik has a series of seminars lined up in Terengganu. He’s noted for mocking Hinduism and making disparaging remarks about other religions and various sects in Islam.

Hindraf was surprised and shocked that Zakir Naik will be in Terengganu from April 9 to 20 for seminars although among the 16 banned preachers in Malaysia . He’s not aligned with the teaching and guidance of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (ASWAJA) which Malaysia observes as the official faith for Muslims in the country.

This fanatic has also been banned in Canada and United Kingdom since 2010 on the grounds of national security and public disorder and to ensure the safety of citizens and keep them from harm.

The Darul Uloom, the globally influential Islamic seminary, sees him as a preacher of the Gheyr Muqallids sect which does not accept the four schools of thought in Sunni Islam. It has a path different from the ‘true path’ of Islam.

Briefly, Zakir Naik was noted for encouraging and promoting sectarianism within Islam besides having acquired a reputation for making insensitive and disparaging remarks about other religions including mocking Hindu beliefs. He chose Terengganu, which is almost all Muslim, probably because he wants to create a sectarian following in the state and spread out from there.

He is notorious for spewing hatred, condemning and ridiculing, and carrying out rhetorical attacks on other religions and other sects in Islam.



Chairman, Hindraf Makkal Sakthi


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