Don’t buat tak tahu on 1MDB Scandal

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LETTER: With so many people being carted off to jail in Singapore over 1MDB — for helping to plunder funds from the company — the question that arises is why no one in M’sia has been dragged to court for wrongdoing on the scandal.

What does the AG have to say? He can’t chant the same asslicking mantra on 1MDB.

What does Umno have to say? Why is the party harbouring wrongdoers?

What does BN have to say? Why is it going along with the charade? How thick are their skins? How shameless can they be?

What does 1MDB have to say? Does it still want to claim that it didn’t lose any money? Is the master liar Arul Kanda Kandasamy still with the company?

If so, why is he in hiding?

What do the Malays have to say?

Questions, questions, questions and more questions!

They need answers.

Don’t buat tak tahu and talk something else.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
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