DAP the perennial ‘scapegoat’ for Malay failings

Shahbudin Husin


It’s tantamount to denying the contributions of the DAP in fighting injustice, corruption and abuse. 

BLOG It’s puzzling that the Democratic Action Party (DAP), which has the word democracy in its name, was often labeled as a communist party. Why is it that only the Chinese in DAP are considered bad, threatening and dangerous to Malay politics? Are the Chinese in MCA and Gerakan considered not dangerous?

For another, it seems that selling land to the Chinese in Singapore and pawning national assets with the Chinese in China was considered not wrong, in fact hailed as being smart in managing businesses. It seems that it’s also not wrong when Malay Ministers and their siblings have Chinese tycoons behind them to ensure their success in business and their accumulation of wealth.

The Malays who sign up with DAP are painted by PAS and Umno in the blackest possible terms as having decided to sell the dignity of the community and its political power to the Chinese.

If a case has been made out that the DAP represents a threat to the Malays, then there’s no reason why the party should not be outlawed and Lim Kit Siang locked up to keep the community from harm.

The question that arises was for how long would the Malays continue to blame the DAP for all their weaknesses and the threats that they face, perceived or otherwise, as that would be tantamount to denying the contributions of the party in fighting injustice, corruption and abuse. It seems that if DAP and Lim Kit Siang were not around, the Malays would have no one to blame for their wrongdoing and weaknesses.

There seems no doubt that as Malay leaders stalk the land like latter-day barons, accumulating wealth, as they sell assets, land, and mortgage the nation, they smile to themselves, happy that they have DAP around to blame for everything that goes wrong.

When PAS was in Pakatan Rakyat (PR), PKR was never blamed by Umno leaders, and instead DAP was seen as making use of the Islamists as tools and running dogs. PAS has now taken a leaf from their former critics and is labeling Amanah as tools and running dogs of DAP in Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Again, PAS was silent like Umno on PKR’s relationship with DAP. The question that arises was whether PAS before and Amanah now have ever been tools and running dogs of DAP.

We can’t be sure whether PAS was drawing on its experience in PR previously, or emulating Umno, in labeling Amanah as tools and running dogs of DAP. If it’s true that PAS leaders have ever been tools and running dogs of DAP, we are not sure how the Islamists have lost in any way.

The Islamists once held the Menteri Besar post in Perak after 2008 although they had very few seats in the State Assembly compared with PKR and DAP, and besides PAS also won many seats in Selangor, Perak, Johor and other states because of its membership in PR.

PAS’ sudden rise in political fortunes since 2008 “can be attributed to its leaders being tools and running dogs of DAP”. If PAS leaders were tools and running dogs of DAP, they never surrendered any seats in Kelantan and Terengganu to the latter party.

The bottomline is that Umno needs no longer attack Amanah for its alleged role decreed by DAP. PAS has taken over, on behalf of Umno, the role of attacking Amanah and DAP in the same breath.

Umno leaders in black songkoks need only see from far and smile to themselves, as PAS leaders in their white skullcaps humiliate, insult, and threaten Amanah and make an enemy of it. Malays who support PH, and previously PR, are also being labeled as tools and running dogs of the DAP.


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