Christianity first religion of Kerala

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Christianity was the first religion of Kerala.
It was brought to Kerala, 2,000 years ago, by Syrians, Hebrews and St Thomas.

There was no Hinduism in Kerala at that time.

What they had in the south was sivalingga worship.

In the north, they had Brahma and Vishnu worship.

The Brahmins merged the three Gods after persuading Tamil kings to accept Brahma and Vishnu worship.

The former priestly class of the sivalingga worshippers were declared outcastes (pariahs) and reduced to carry shit as an occupation.

It was the Mughal Empire, 700 years ago, which first used the term Hindu to refer to the people of India to differentiate from themselves as Muslim.

These Tamil buggers should stop going around saying that Hindus in Kerala converted to Christianity.

No such thing happened.

Kerala also does not observe the stupid Deepavali celebrated more in the north.

Kerala has Onam.

Kerala was also never part of British India.

The Keralites chased out the Portuguese after they converted many Syrian Christians to Roman Catholicism.

The Portuguese fled to Goa.

Ironically, 400 Malayalee mercenaries helped the Portuguese in Goa to capture Malacca.

Many Grago (Malacca Portuguese) are in fact descended from Malayalees, not from the Portuguese in Goa.

No one in Malacca is descended from the Portuguese in Portugal. They should check their DNA.





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