Chong: Masing should give up DCM post to Bidayuh

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James Masing has been caught with his pants down by DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen on the DCM issue. 

Masing said that no Chinese was appointed DCM because BN did not win all Chinese seats. Why should Masing get involved in this issue and antagonise the Chinese community in the process? It’s not his problem.

Chong pointed out that by Masing’s standard, there should be no Iban DCM at all since BN didn’t win all Iban seats.

Chong suggested that Masing, in sticking to his principles, should give up his DCM post to a Bidayuh since BN won all Bidayuh seats.

Chong also doesn’t understand why two Iban were appointed DCM.

re the Chinese, the DAP Sarawak Chief pointed out that the community couldn’t care less whether it had a DCM or otherwise. When the Chinese had a DCM, he reminded, nothing was done about UEC, Chinese schools, land lease and corruption. It was only after the Chinese lost the DCM post in 2011 that the gov’t did something about the issues that matter to the community.

The current hoo haa about a Chinese DCM, said Chong, was not because the community wanted the post. He said the Chinese can live without a DCM as in the past because life goes on for them.

What has upset the Chinese, said Chong, is Adenan denying that SUPP President Sim would be appointed DCM if he won Batu Kawah.

The entire SUPP campaign, said Chong, was based on getting back the Chinese DCM post.

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