‘Bill on shariah courts to amend, not create new laws’

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I wonder how PAS is going to campaign against Umno in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. Hadi and Najib are working together on hudud, Hadi said that he wants to advise Umno and the Government, and he doesn’t agree 1MDB or no 1MDB on asking Najib to leave. He thinks its more important to ensure that the government in Putrajaya remains Melayu.

So, does that mean that Badawi was not thinking of the government in Putrajaya remaining Melayu when he left? Why didn’t he scream that he was democratically elected when he was asked to step down in 2009, a year after BN lost its coveted two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Mahathir was so disoriented by the loss of the two-thirds majority — that means no more gerrymandering — that he literally forced Badawi to step down.

Mahathir did not reckon that Najib would be worse than Badawi, a shameless thick skinned character who doesn’t hesitate to put his hands in the cookie jar, only to turn around and protest his innocence.




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