Arrest breakdown of law and order

Photo credit: Malay Mail Online

LETTER: The kidnapping of Pastor Raymond Koh further illustrates the continuing breakdown of law and order in Malaysia.

The speculation is that rogue elements were involved in the Pastor’s kidnapping. It’s feared that he’s dead and may never be found. There have been no takers for the reward the Koh family announced for information on the kidnapping.

In the case of Altantuya, the remains were found because an angler reported to the police about hearing a loud explosion from a forested area. It was sheer concidence. Otherwise, no one would have been any wiser on Altantuya.

The only way to bring down the high crime rate in Malaya is to divide the peninsula into grids. Next, launch operations within grids, selected randomly for surveillance.

Local police must be excluded from such operations.

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