Anwar didn’t do it

Lawyer Kimberly Motley believes there is an abundance of evidence to show that Anwar Ibrahim did not commit sodomy, for which he is serving a five-year prison term.

“Well I mean Anwar didn’t do it,” said the US-based lawyer when quizzed on how she planned to challenge the conviction.

For instance, Motley pointed out that the accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan met government officials two days before the alleged incident.

“There was DNA evidence supposedly found on the alleged victim’s clothing that was different from the clothing he was wearing during the time he said he was sodomised.

“The alleged victim’s statement has been very inconsistent from beginning to end, the DNA has been inconsistent from beginning to end, the DNA was tampered with by police officers within the government… That was testified in court and we are happy to share all the documentation with you…

“One thing is that Anwar’s statements, his version on what had happened, the truth from Anwar has always been consistent. And that’s the thing about truth, right? The truth stays the same and lies change,” she told reporters in Putrajaya this afternoon.

Anwar has appointed the renowned human rights lawyer to assist in a number of cases, including his review of the February 2015 sodomy conviction.

The former opposition leader has always maintained that the sodomy charge, similar to the first against him in 1999, was fabricated by his political rivals.

However, the government has denied this.

Conviction is more political than legal

Meanwhile, Motley described Anwar’s conviction as “one of the most horrendous travesties of justice of the 21st century”.

“Anyone that knows anything about rule of law or justice will agree that what has happened to Anwar is a political issue more than a legal issue.

“And people need to understand that what is happening to Anwar is not just an issue for Anwar but an issue for the 30 million people of Malaysia; it is a global issue. I intend to talk globally about the way he has been treated within the legal system,” she added.

Explaining the reason for taking up the case, Motley said she has known of Anwar for a number of years.

“I talked with his lawyers. I have met his daughter. And after really understanding what has been happening, and knowing that human rights and international litigation is really my speciality, that encouraged me to take this case,” she added.

Motley would be working with Anwar’s Malaysian lawyers, and paperwork has been filed to allow her to represent the PKR de facto leader.

Motley, a graduate from Marquette Law School in 2003, has practised in the US and Afghanistan, and has also done research work in the area of juvenile justice that has been reported internationally.

She also helped train hundreds of Afghan lawyers. — MK

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