AirAsia should compensate other expenses

LETTER: I am writing this article on the recent cancellation of Airasia’s Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius flight beginning 25 March 2017.

Just when Airasia was happily launching its new direct route to Honolulu, passengers who bought Airasia’s KL to Mauritius flights were informed that the route will be suspended from the above date onwards.

Whats even more absurd is that passengers can only claim a refund of the amount paid for the tickets. Any travel plans can only be completed when flights are booked along with the necessary accommodations and other expenses i.e car rentals etc.

Yet, the sudden cancellation from Airasia, for whatever reasons, caused disruptions to passengers like us who have already paid our accommodations, made the necessary bookings just to enjoy a trip promoted by Airasia before they abruptly suspended it.

Worse, the only way to get a refund is to go through their ever congested live chat and to submit an e-form for the refund of the ticket price only.

Is that even fair to begin with? When Airlines can choose to cut/suspend a route suddenly just because the route is not profitable anymore?

For the very least, the airline should have informed passengers earlier, compensate passengers for the many bookings they have done, knowing and believing that Airasia will fulfil their promises to ferry passengers to their destinations for which they have rightfully paid.

How is it fair for consumers, when Airlines can sell their tickets way ahead of time, offer ridiculously good promotions, only to realise that there is a risk that the airline may not fulfil its promises. Worse, there will not be any compensations for accommodations and other expenses booked for the trip.

Perhaps Airlines should put a disclaimer whenever they provide huge discounts or promotions by informing consumers that “Flight routes are not guaranteed if the route is not profitable to us.”

Disgruntled passenger


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