Activist tells PKR/DAP how to succeed in East M’sia

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All politics is about the restructuring of the distribution of political power and the redistribution of the allocation of resources.

Where do the Dayaks stand on these two issues?

As long as the Dayak support BN, they will not have the political power they should have and they will be denied access to the resources due to them.

In fact, what little resources they have will be taken away from them. NCR is a case in point.

The BN is not about allowing the Dayak to have a fair share of political power and allowing them access to the distribution of resources.

The BN is about endorsing elite power sharing to circumscribe the democratic process to deny the grassroots majority meaningful participation in the electoral process.

Had all the Dayaks been in one party, they would at least have a fighting chance.

Instead, they are victims of colonial divide and rule tactics.

BN gives all Muslim seats to PBB and all Chinese seats to SUPP.

The Dayak seats are divided among PBB, SUPP, UPP and Dayak parties like PRS, SPDP and Teras.

So, how can the Dayak as a people have any political power and access to resources when they are all over the place?

The BN concept only benefits a few Dayak leaders, not the people.

The Dayak must abandon BN and choose one party in the Opposition to support. That party must stand in all Dayak and Mixed seats, not just some seats.

There are 32 Dayak seats, 21 Malay seats, 18 Mixed seats and 11 Chinese seats.


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