A display of superficial devotion to Islam

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In every government office, school, hotel and shopping mall there is a prayer room or surau for Muslims to perform their prayers.

There is always a mosque built in a housing estate regardless of the percentage of its Muslim residents against that of non-Muslim population of that housing estate. Mosques are often packed to capacity during Friday prayers. Undeniably, this is a very good sign that Islam is still a very forceful unifying factor, dynamic, vibrant and is still relevant to its faithful of all ages and social status in the community.

At the start of every government official function an imam (or an official representative from JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Agama Islam Malaysia) will recite the DOA. The doa (prayer) is a carefully worded text extolling the virtues of good governance, transparency (ketelusan), integrity, trustworthiness, etc. etc. At such a doa recitation, attention of government officials and civil servants present, is drawn to the importance of unwavering commitment and dedication to duty, tolerance, and compassion.

The evil of corruption is condemned and is emphatically stated as against the teaching of the Holy Quran.

Muslim speakers delivering their keynote address at such functions often quote relevant texts from the Holy Quran to drive home their points. But, and it is a big BUT – “Cakap tidak serupa bikin” (there is a vast difference between words and deeds).

Such hallowed speeches are often in total contrast to what is happening in the Malaysian society. In such a situation “religion is too often a refuge for scoundrels” (Neal Boortz). If leaders do not change their ways, the next generations of Malaysians will suffer – because they will inherit from the present generation everything that is unacceptable, everything that is corrupt. They will become scoundrels living a life of double standard and hypocrisy.

Check it out what Transparency International says about Malaysia.

I must say we look quite bad in the eyes of the world.

Of course, the easy way out is to dismiss “Who cares what the world thinks about us. We are Malaysia Boleh.”


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