Najib must step down, probed for presiding over 1MDB

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Under kleptocracy and money laundering laws, the US can seize assets and freeze them.

This is civil action on behalf of the people of Malaysia.

If a pokai guy suddenly has money, what’s his excuse? The onus is on him to prove the assets were legitimately acquired.

The kleptocracy and money laundering laws in the US are about seizing assets, if civil action is taken. They are not based on “innocent until proven guilty”.

Criminal laws are based on “innocent until proven guilty”.

After the civil action, would come the criminal action. The defendants can either plead guilty or plead not guilty.

If they decide to plead guilty, they can under US laws, plea bargain (runding).

The Court will impose the sentence agreed during plea bargaining.

Plea bargaining avoids washing dirty linen in public.

The sentence will consist of jail and fine, in default further jail. — seen in a whatsApp Group

No assets have been seized from Najib as yet in the US.

However, the US said USD681 million stolen from 1MDB was sent to Najib’s account. This means the story of an Arab Santa Claus was not true.

The statements by 1MDB, Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan, the AG, the IGP and others on the actions in the US are based on taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by ommission).

The US Attorney General and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) did make it clear that the monies to fund the assets seized in the US originated from monies stolen from 1MDB. USD681 million of the monies stolen from 1MDB made their way into the personal account of “Malaysian Public Official 1”. Who is this person if not Najib?

This means there was no donation from an Arab Santa Claus.

1MDB claims it has no assets in the US, did not benefit from the assets seized there by the authorities concerned and has not been contacted by the US authorities.

Why didn’t 1MDB address the US discovery that the assets seized in the US were funded by monies stolen from the company?

It remains silent on this allegation.

How come 1MDB doesn’t want to admit that USD3.5 billion of its monies was stolen and made their way to the US? That’s tantamount to covering up on wrong doing and sweeping them under the carpet.

Who is Malaysian Public Official No 1 who got USD681 million of the funds stolen from 1MDB?The Malaysian Public Official Number 1 is Najib. He claimed that he got USD681 million from an Arab donor.The US documents make it clear the USD681 million was stolen from 1MDB.

Under the kleptocracy and money laundering laws in the US, the only evidence necessary is the loot. Once they are seized and frozen, you have to prove that they belong to you and that they were acquired legitimately.If you can’t prove that you acquired the frozen assets legitimately, they will remain frozen and handed over to the next government, not BN.

If the loot is in US, they will seize. If it’s in other countries, the US will get other countries to seize under international laws.

Najib’s loot has been frozen in Singapore. It will be frozen in other countries too.

Najib presided over 1MDB.

It was under his watch that 1MDB monies were stolen.

He’s guilty.

In law it’s called being party to an illegality besides the fact that he allegedly stole from 1MDB and received funds stolen from the company.

He has to resign. — Young Lawyer


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